What Is The Cost For Refinishing A Bathtub

Bathtub refinishing has always been a low cost home improvement alternative to replacement. A standard new bathtub installation including the cost to remove the old bathtub starts around $1500. Removing a bathtub is a major renovation that typically requires the removal of wall tiles, sheetrock or wet board not to mention the plumbing fixtures and drain removal.

The cost is in the labor and materials needed to install the new bathtub back to its original condition. Bathtub refinishing on the other hand eliminates the cost of contractor labor and construction materials making the cost much more reasonable. Bathtub refinishing averages between $250-$500 for a standard size bathtub with minor repairs needed.

Factors That Will Affect The Price

The state you live in really determines the price you will pay. New York and California customers will see a higher cost then say Kansas or South Dakota. If your bathtub requires additional major repairs such as fixing a crack or rust repair the cost increases. Most bathtub refinishers will provide you with a free estimate upon request.

Other factors that will affect the price include color selection or changing the color and size of your bathtub. Bathtubs that include refinishing a wall surround or wall tile as part of the project cost between $550-$800 or more depending the square footage. Shower stalls are normally priced about the same.

Hiring A Bathtub Refinishing Company

Keep in mind the quality of work you will be receiving by using a professional bathtub refinishing company to complete your project. Smaller companies with dedicated employees and owners can provide you with the same high standards as a franchise company will. Franchises may even charge a little more since they have higher overhead cost such as franchise fees.

When estimating your bathtub refinishing job get quotes from several companies before making a final decision. Always ask for references and make sure the business has the proper insurance coverage required by your state. If a license is required in your state check that too. If you want a prescreened referral we provide this service for free just email your request to our staff.

Bathtub refinishing is eco-friendly and a great way to save money on your remodeling job. Once your project is finished you can expect years of use from your newly refinished fixture. If you have questions about the process of how it works give us call our experts will be happy to assist you.