Reviews Comments About Our Bathtub Refinishing Products

John Quinn Greenville, RI

Greetings, received your products and installed them (bathtub mat). Very good quality and quick delivery. We will keep you in mind for future projects. John Quinn

Patricia Silbe Cambridge, MA

Just wanted to tell you how great our bathroom looks. Your product saved us a lot of money and the project turned out beautiful. Our home is going on the market next week. Bye!

Barbara Walsh Dodge Center, MN

Very satisfied with your product. Hello, just wanted to let you know my daughter’s bathtub turned out fantastic. I followed the instructions with no runs and resulted in a nice new finish without sacrificing the old porcelain tub. Thanks Barb.

Trent Steinburger San Antonio, TX

Your product is great! Refinishing the bathtub and tiles was easy just like you said. I appreciate the time you spent helping me do this. Now my wife wants me to refinish the countertop in our kitchen. Thanks for the advice.

Doug Belfiore Norwalk, CT

Thanks, guys. Received, installed the adhesive bath mat. All is well again in the tub! Best, Doug Belfiore

Mrs. Z. Parks in Vanceboro, NC

We received our white adhesive bath mat recently. We followed the directions completely to apply this permanent mat. They were clear about how to prep the tub, so we made sure we did that correctly. The mat covers the whole bottom of the tub, so no more bare spots.  It is smooth, flat, and easy to clean.  We are very satisfied with this product. Thanks again

Kelvin Miller Columbia, SC

This product is awesome. I used the floor tile paint  to refinish that old 70’s blue floor and wall tile in a house I am trying to sell. It turned out so good that I ordered 2 more kits to do the other bathroom. I have recommended this product to several other people and will continue to keep using it myself. Thanks!

PR Stage Productions Los Angeles, CA

As you know we rely on quality products for our stage productions. Thank you for a great product – Just what we needed!. Mark

Darren Smith Fruitport, MI

  Bathtub Inlay – amazing! Just wanted to say thank you for such a great product.  My bathtub was developing some cracks on the base that had me thinking big $$$ to replace the whole thing.  After doing some online research on refinishing, I found your website.  I was hugely skeptical, but was confident about my handy work and decided to give it a go based on my thinking of a $125 kit versus $$$ dollar replacement.  Boy I am so glad I did, the kit worked out perfectly and was easy to apply with excellent instructions.  My bathtub is much more solid than before and I no longer worry about my foot going through the base!  I am sure the tub will last ten years with the new fiberglass inlay installed, what a great idea and a great product! Will definitely use again and recommend  to others.

William Solomito Holtsville, NY

Last week I refinished my fiberglass Bathtub Insert with your refinishing paint. Came out great!. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again, Bill Solomito.

Perry Holdenson Las Vegas, NV

You guys are great! This is the second time we used your spray on refinishing paint to reglaze bathtubs in our rentals. Awesome results and I appreciate it. Perry.

Gay Armstrong La Mesa, CA

Thank you so much for your instruction in fixing my shower floor. I have redone the shower floor and it worked out great!!.

Brent Campbell Roy, UT

I just finished painting my 70’s style shower with your paint and WOW! what a difference!. I showed the before and after pictures to my friends and they are going to order your paint too. It was easy to use and the final results are fantastic!! Thank you.

Larry Magruder Louisville, KY

Add my name to your growing list of satisfied customers. Wasn’t sure about this at first, but now that I’ve refinished my tub, I couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t imagine how much money I would have spent having someone else do the job. With your products anyone can do this. I’m truly satisfied.

Darla La Sure Sicklerville, NJ

I wanted to let you know that the Contractor re-did the bathtub using the paint and it came out beautiful. Thanks, Darla.

Gwenn Dyson Wildman Sandwich, MA

Just wanted your company to know that we refinished our bathtub in Oct/Nov using your spray on painting kit and it is beautiful!!!! It has been used almost daily with no scratches or damage. I am thrilled with the results and have already recommended you to two friends.

Teresa Smith Wichita, KS

Wanted to let you know that your refinishing product is fantastic!!. We refinished our fiberglass shower according to instructions and it came out beautiful. Thanks so much for offering this top quality product.

Julie Chekenian North Haledon, NJ

My sisters and I recently invested/purchased an apartment complex and want to re-finish the bathroom sink and bathtub in each unit ourselves to save money.  There are 40 units total.  I bought one of your refinishing kits to try in my bathroom and it came out great!

Amanda Murry Orlando, FL

Mike and I finished the bathroom and it came out exactly as you said it would. Our peach bathtub is now white. He installed the non-slip mat too. Thanks, I will tell all of my friends.

AHS Home Repair Bloomfield, MI

Hi, I am the owner of AHS Home Repair in Michigan. I have used your spray refinishing paint on items in my own home and I am delighted.

Tyra Taylor Matteson, IL

I ordered the ceramic floor tile paint from your company in December and wanted to tell you – I love your product!.

Cristie Adams Philadelphia, PA

We purchased your fiberglass repair kit and are very please with the results. Our bathtub had a four inch crack, and now it looks good as new. Very easy to use. Thank you for your help.

Mark Collette Houston, TX

I didn’t think you could refinish tiles, but I was wrong. My wall tiles in the bathroom look brand new. Your do-it-yourself kit saved me over six hundred dollars. I recommend this kit to anyone.

Jeff In New York City, NY

I recently purchased your products to refinish a tub and I am very pleased with the final results. Your product was truly easy to use and now I am considering 2 other bathroom-remodels in rental property I own.

Michael Moffatt, MI

I received and tried the Surface Restore cleaner/polisher on my fiberglass tub and formica countertops scratches, it worked well. Thank you for a good product, I will be ordering the floor tile paint in the spring.

James Braddock Atlanta, GA

The Fiberglass Repair Kit worked great, and the tips on repairing the crack by supporting the bottom of the shower worked out better then I thought it would. Thanks!

Rachel Carpenter Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for your professional advice. Your refinishing kit was so easy to use and now my bathroom looks brand new. We are selling our house and the out dated 70′s looking bathtub and tile was starting to worry me. Not anymore! Thanks Again.

G. Perelli Lodi , CA All I can say is wow this stuff really works! I have used the roll on paint before with, well lets just say poor results because no bonding agent was provided. This spray epoxy  is great, nice even finish. If the need arises in the future, I will definitely use your product again.

Jens Eskildsen Muskegon, MI

I received my bathtub mat order and installed it to cover up some minor damage on my bathtub floor. It was easy to install and as you can see did a good job.

Jeramie Kendall, WA

Great product! I found you on the internet and didn’t even know you could refinish a fiberglass bathtub. I had a crack and was looking for a repair kit. My wife said we should try it out. I bought your do-it-yourself paint kit and the repair kit for the crack. The bathtub looks brand new now. The directions were easy to follow. I recommend your product.

Lidia Stockwell New York, NY

You were very helpful. The kit I ordered for refinishing my porcelain bathtub and tiles  arrived two days ago. We painted them (bathtub and tiles), on Saturday. I must say, it came out quite nice for someone who has never done this type of thing before. Thank you for all of your help. Lidia!

Lori Schmidt Hillsboro, OR

Great Stuff! – I just completed a bathtub using your kit, and it worked out beautifully. My bathtub looks brand new. I’ll recommend this to everyone needing to re-do their bathtub. It is so much easier then replacing it.

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