Adhesive Bathtub Mat and Non Slip Coatings

90% Of All Slip & Fall Accidents Occur In The Bathroom. Protect Your FamilyNon Slip Bathtub Mats & Treatment Simply The Best Protection There Is!

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Premium Self Adhesive Bathtub Mat $22.05

Non slip self adhesive bathtub mats provide safety and protection for your family and guests. The easy peel and stick tub mat is permanent up to 3 years, will not slip or mildew. All bathtub mats use Dupont Adhesive the best in the industry. Our 10 minute anti slip treatments are also available that will mildly etch your porcelain bathtub floor or ceramic tile surfaces creating a microscopic non skid surface for your protection.

Self Adhesive Bathtub Mats

  • Standard White Mat 16 x 34
  • Standard Almond Mat 16 x 34
  • To Install Just Peel and Stick
  • Will Not Mold Or Mildew Ever
  • Same Mat Used In Fine Hotels
  • Simple Install Instructions

Self Stick Bathtub Mat
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Non-Slip Treatment Porcelain Bathtub & Tiled Floors $22.05

Apply this non slip treatment in less then 10 minutes to porcelain bathtub floors or slippery glazed ceramic floors for an instant micro-etched anti-slip surface that performs even better when it gets wet. Our product will not dull your fixture but will protect your family from slip & falls in the bathroom or shower.

The 10 Minute Non Slip Treatment

  • Treats One Standard Bathtub
  • Or 10 Sq Feet Of Floor Tiles
  • Invisible Slip Proof Protection
  • Permanent Results In Minutes
  • Easy One Step Application
  • Colored Tub & Tiled Surfaces
  • Not For Refinished Bathtubs
  • Or Fiberglass & Faux Marble

Non Slip Treatment

Our non slip self adhesive bathtub mat, and non slip bathtub treatments are easy to use and install. Approved, tested and are being used by top bathtub refinishing companies, homeowners, fine hotels and property management companies worldwide. Exceeding ASTM standards for anti slip resistance and are the products trusted by the professionals.

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