Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept credit cards and Paypal payments?

Yes, all major credit cards are accepted. If you prefer Paypal, we also accept this form of payment along with cashier checks, echecks and money orders by mail.

Is shipping really free?

Absolutely, we ship free nationwide except for Alaska and Hawaii. Some shipments are handled by the postal service priority mail, and others by UPS standard ground. Normal shipping time is 3-7 business days. Sorry, no expedited shipping.

Do your products really work?

Yes they do, all products sold by our company have been formulated and thoroughly tested by professional bathtub refinishers. Specifically designed for do-it-yourself applications. We have sold over 55,000 bathtub refinishing and repair kits nationwide since 2002. Read some of our testimonials.

What Makes Your Product Better Then Kits Sold At Other Stores?

The diy kits sold in other stores do not have a professional bonding agent included in their bathtub reglazing kits. We provide you with the professional bonding agent primer in every refinishing kit we sell. This promotes a strong bond of our coatings to the fixture or surface you are refinishing.

Are Your Products Easy To Use?

Yes they are. We include simple step by step instructions in our kits, or you can print the directions for use right from the product page. Anyone can use our refinishing and repair products.

Can we buy your products locally?

Not at this time, all of our products are exclusively sold on this website or on internet shopping sites. So we may offer the best products at the lowest prices, we do not sell to national brand stores.

Are my transactions and personal information safe?

Yes, all information provide to the Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network is held in the strictest confidence. We do not sale or provide your information to any third parties, without your consent. All credit card transactions are protected by Veri-Sign’, the leading security provider in the world. We further protect consumers by requiring all documentation to be faxed directly to our offices.

Why can’t I find a bathtub refinisher near my home?

In our efforts to provide quality bathtub refinishing companies for the consumer, we have put into place strict requirements for membership on the Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network and cannot list a resurfacing company until those requirements are met. We are always looking for qualified bathtub resurfacing companies to list in each state, and are updating our data weekly as they become available.

Are bathtub refinishing companies required to carry Workers Compensation or have a contractors license?

There are some states that do not require bathtub refinishers to have workers compensation insurance or require bathtub refinishers to obtain a contractors license. We check with each state on their specific requirements before approving any bathtub refinishing company. In cases where workers compensation insurance or a contractors license is not required, this requirement is waived. In any case, resurfacing companies must provide a business license, 3 references and proof of liability insurance.

Why do you check references?

It is good business practice to always check references. The Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network requires all listed bathtub refinishing companies to maintain a High Standard of Excellence. Past customer satisfaction is very important and is used to gauge a bathtub reglazing company’s quality of work, their professionalism and their overall customer satisfaction. We will not list any bathtub refinishing company with a poor customer satisfaction record.