Caring For Your Refinished Bathtub Sink And Shower Fixtures

Now that the bathtub and tile refinishing is complete, it’s time to care for your newly refinished cultured marble, porcelain sink, and fiberglass shower. Proper care will give your newly refinished surfaces a long life. Some things to avoid are the use of any type of suction mounted products. These can be a suction mounted soap dish, or the most important, suction type bathtub mats. These products will pull on the refinishing 24 hours a day, and over time they will pull the coating from your bathtub or tiles.

Avoid bathing dogs or cats, in the bathtub. Their claws are very sharp and can scratch the refinishing. If you must use the bathtub, put a soft rubber pad or bathtub mat over the refinishing and be very careful. Children also love to play with toys in the bathtub. Make sure the toys are of soft rubber, or plastic. Avoid any metal toys such as Hot Wheel cars.

Bathtub refinishing, resurfacing and reglazing paint care. Instructions how to care for a refinished bathtub? You will find that your newly refinished bathtub, tile and fiberglass shower are a breeze to clean. Many over-the-counter products can be used to achieve excellent results. Tub & Tile cleaners are the only products we recommend for bathtubs, tiles, and sinks. Avoid cleaners that contain bleach, citrus or any type of abrasives. Citrus products and industrial strength cleaners contain acids that can etch your refinishing over time. Products such as Comet, Ajax or SoftScrub will scratch the finish.

Refinishing a bathtub and how to clean and care for resurfaced bathtubs, showers and sinks

Certain bathtub refinishing products can be discolored by bleach. If disinfecting is required, use an anti-bacterial tub & tile cleaner or Lysol. When wiping the refinished bathtub or tile surface, always use a sponge or soft cloth. Never use green scrub pads as these will damage the refinishing. If, while cleaning the bathtub, you notice any chipped areas, call your refinishing company to repair them. Chips can be caused by dropping sharp or blunt objects on the refinishing. A touchup is all that is needed.

The care of countertops and sinks are basically the same. The only difference is the cleaning products that will be used. Sinks can be cared for with the same tub & tile cleaners as above. Countertops can be cleaned with any surface cleaner such as 409, or Fantastic, as long as they do not contain any bleach, citrus or abrasives. As always, check with your refinishing company to see which products they recommend.

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