Fiberglass Bathtub Shower Scratch Repairs

Repair Scratches, Surface Stains, Dull Fiberglass And More!

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Fiberglass Plastic Cultured Marble Surface Restorer $39.55

Remove scratches and stains from your acrylic or fiberglass bathtub, shower floors and walls. Restore the shine to old dull solid surface corian sinks, acrylic spas and hot tubs. Seal and repair scratched cultured marble vanity tops, solid surface or plastic laminate countertops in 3 easy steps. Kit removes heavy or light scratches, stains, water spots, mineral deposits, rust stains, scuff marks and more from fiberglass and all these other surfaces.

Put an end to those dull, stained and damaged fixtures. Repairs, seals and protects the surface with a tough polymer coating. ( not for use on painted surfaces, cracks, deep cuts, burns or heavily damage plastic laminate countertops ) For these severely damaged surfaces, use our countertop or cultured marble repair kits. .

Works on Solid Surfaces Sinks, Plastic And Laminates Too!

  • Restore Factory Shine
  • Surface Stain Remover
  • Light Scratch Remover
  • Heavy Scratch Remover
  • Polisher & Shine Spray
  • Print Instructions Here

Multi Surface Restorer

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