How To Repair Fiberglass Bathtub Shower

fiberglass repairThe cost associated with replacing a fiberglass bathtub or enclosure can end up being very expensive. If your fiberglass bathtub has been damaged by cracking, chips or discolorations, professional bathtub repair or our do-it-yourself refinishing products are the answer to your problem.

Even large fiberglass bathtub cracks, measuring up to ten inches can be repaired in just a couple of hours. The process includes supporting, and strengthening the damaged fiberglass under the crack. Most fiberglass cracks are caused by poor support underneath your bathtub. Supporting the bottom of the bathtub is vital. Easy step by step directions are included in our do-it-yourself fiberglass repair kits.

Most fiberglass damage is easy to repair once the area is cleaned of loose debris and jagged edges are smoothed with the use of a Dremel Tool. This amazing tool is used by most professional bathtub refinishers. If you don’t have this tool, a file can be used. Next, the fiberglass under the repair area is given extra support. This process is easily performed following the directions in our repair kit

Fiberglass Shower Pan Stained and Hard To Clean?

Try our fiberglass surface restore kit. This kit works great on hard to clean shower floors. Contains two strong surface cleaners that remove stains and water deposits from fiberglass shower pans. Also includes a polymer finish coating that restores the luster and seals your fiberglass pan to help resist future staining and water spots. No other cleaners can match this system.

If using a professional to refinish your fiberglass fixture, the cost for such a fiberglass repair will depend on the extent of the damage to your bathtub or shower surround. Our you can save hundreds of dollars doing it yourself

Rigid Fiberglass Bathtub Repair Inlay Kit

Repair major damaged to fiberglass bathtub floor bottoms in an hour or less. Restore your bathtub bottom holes, repair cracks or fiberglass tubs needing extra support. Our fiberglass tub inlay kits are almost invisible once installed, have a non slip surface and you will save over $1000 versus replacement.

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