Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing Repair And Restoration

Do you have cracks, chips or holes in your fiberglass bathtub shower?

Diy Fiberglass bathtub refinishing and repair products can restore your bathtub, shower or enclosure to like new condition. Fiberglass can become aged and brittle over years of daily use and develop small cracks and become dull looking. Our products can repair this damage and restore your fiberglass bathtub or shower in one day.

If your fiberglass bathtub or shower has developed leaks from stress cracking or holes our repair kits can be used to fix and stop leaks permanently. Depending on the damage we offer several products and advice to repair structural damage caused by poor installation or cosmetic damage such as chips and discoloration.

Do you want to change the color of your fiberglass bathtub or stand up shower?

Coatings formulated by the Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network pro team specifically for do it yourself application on fiberglass fixtures are durable, waterproof and a great alternative to replacing your outdated tub and enclosure. Our company offers two types of products for refinishing fiberglass. Our self leveling brush roll-on paint and the popular do it yourself bathtub refinishing spray-on kits.

Each of these products can be used to change the color of any fiberglass or acrylic tub or shower. The process can be completed in one or two days depending on which product you use. Included in each of these kits is our exclusive pro bonding agent primer. The adhesion promoter assures the coating being applied to you fiberglass fixture will adhere with a tough bond resulting in many years of daily use.

Quality and dependability you can trust

Since 1998 the Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network and our team of bathtub refinishing professionals have worked hard to make sure the products you are using for the repair of fiberglass and other bathroom fixture surfaces are affordable, and made from the best quality materials available.

Our diy resin repair kits, fiberglass inlays and coatings are easy to use and come with complete step by step instructions. We are always available to handle any questions you may have or to discuss your projects. In some cases the repair may require the use of a professional bathtub refinishing company. If this is the case we offer free prescreened referrals in all 50 United States.