Portable Exhaust Fans & Ducting

Remove Chemical Or Paint Fumes

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Portable Exhaust Fan Systems Starting At $169.00

Our portable exhaust fans and exhaust ducting hoses are quality equipment and built to last. Other advertisers want to sell you plastic exhaust hoses or dryer ducting that will never stand up to daily use. You can depend on our exhaust fans and professional ducting equipment to do the job right for years to come.

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8 Inch 2 Speed $169

High velocity powerful 2 speed portable fan with a max CFM of 1225, 200 watts rolled steel construction with thermal reset, carrying handle, industrial grounded heavy duty power cord, gfi protected for wet locations and comes with a full one year warranty including a limited 25 year warranty.

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8 Inch 2 Speed Fan With 20 Ft Exhaust Hose $330

Powerful 2 speed 8 inch fan listed above comes with a durable 20 foot confined space exhaust hose. Hose is made of UV ray protected, poly rib coiled for durability and years of use, collapsible To 3-1/2 Feet with connector. Hose and fan system can be used to exhaust paint and chemical fumes with the sealed motor.

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12 Inch 2 Speed $240

High velocity portable 12 inch exhaust fan. Max 2450 CFM, 360 watt and rolled steel construction. Has thermal auto reset, carrying handle with industrial grade heavy duty power cord. GFCI protection for wet location. Portable paint fume exhaust fan has a maintenance free sealed motor, 1 year warranty and 25 year limited warranty included.

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12 Inch Portable Fan With 20 Ft Exhaust Hose $419

12 inch portable paint fume exhaust fan system comes with a 20 foot UV ray protected confined space grade exhaust ducting hose. Powerful enough to exhaust whole rooms in minutes. Exhaust hose is rib coiled for durability and years of service. Hose collapsible to 3-1/2 feet with connector.

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Extra Exhaust Fan Ducting Hose 20 ft

Extra 8 inch or 12 inch diameter exhaust hose fan ducting. Comes in 20 foot length and can be purchased separately or as an addition. Hose connector not included. UV protected poly, confined space grade hoses are rib coiled and will last for years. Durable and collapsible with connector. For use on our fans only.

Our exhaust fans are some of the most powerful in the industry. Great for use in the bathtub refinishing industry and other painting areas where fumes are a problem. Sealed motors and plastic fan blades eliminate sparks that can be dangerous. While these fans are not explosion proof fans they are safer then using open motor fans for exhausting paint or solvent fumes.