Bathtub Refinishing An Eco-Friendly Project

eco bathtub imageEvery year tons of remodeling waste is poured into landfills worldwide. Many of these bathroom and kitchen fixtures including bathtubs, sinks, shower enclosures and countertops could have been restored lowering our carbon footprint. Bathtub refinishing is a green alternative, and more eco-friendly then polluting the environment with waste products.

Most bathtubs and sinks are made from steel and coated with a porcelain enamel that turns into iron Oxide (rust) over time but will never really decompose while remaining in the soil forever. Bathtub refinishing and restoration of sinks or other fixtures is a wise choice for eco-savvy home and property owners.

Coatings That Are Safer For The Environment

The coatings used in the bathtub refinishing industry have also become less toxic and many companies such as the Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network are using products that contain fewer volitile organic compounds (VOC’s) that are better for the environment. Bathtub refinishing coatings have a life span of over 10-20 years and are more durable making then a cost effective alternative to replacing your fixtures.

Dated or damaged bathtubs and sinks can easily be repaired and for a lot less then buying a new fixture. Even fiberglass or acrylic shower enclosures and countertops can be restored for a minimal cost. Technology has provided endless color selections and the ability to retrofit standard bathtubs for disability access in a single day.

Alternative To Replacement

This same process can be used to refinish hot tubs, ceramic tile, Corian countertops and cultured marble. Our landfills are quickly reaching their capacity and more land will be required to hold the waste of future generation as the population grows. Please take this time to consider bathtub refinishing as an alternative during your remodeling project.

The Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network is a “Green” company meaning we use minimal hard advertising material and labeling, recycle 90% of our waste products while using the most eco-friendly materials possible in the manufacturing of our products.