Starting A DIY Bathtub Refinishing Project

Refinishing a bathtub, shower or sink that has been damaged or showing it’s age need not be expensive. With our diy paints and repair kits for porcelain, fiberglass and cultured marble we will show you how to perform a successful bathtub refinishing project saving you hundreds of dollars in the process.

First you must decide if you want to use our spray-on refinishing kit or the brush roll-on method. Both kits contain a professional bonding agent primer to promote adhesion are self leveling and waterproof. Our diy spray-on paints include a spray on bonding agent primer while our brush roll-on kits contain a wipe-on bonding agent primer.

Each kit comes with complete instructions for their use printable from the product page on our website. Addition items may be needed such as sandpaper, Acetone and masking materials. Safety is our number one priority so we ask that you read the instructions completely before beginning your diy bathtub refinishing project. While safe to use keep in mind both kits contain solvents and require the use of a solvent rated dust mask or charcoal respirator during application.

Steps For Preparing The Bathtub

Preparation is the key to any successful bathtub refinishing project. If the bathtub, sink or shower is in need of repairs make sure all repairs are completed and dry before starting. Follow the steps outlined in the instructions for preparing the fixture for refinishing including cleaning and appying the bonding agent primer.

When applying the do it yourself bathtub refinishing paint coatings always use light coats followed by a wet final coat. The amount of coats will depend on the painting method you are using and the color of the fixture. Changing the color requires more coats to cover the existing color. Wait 25 minutes between each coat if using the spray-on method and 16-24 hours between each coat if using the brush-on method.

Final Application Of Bathtub Paint

When using the spray-on coatings start and finish the job without stopping This means once you add the first coat apply each additional coat without waiting for the paint to dry between the first, second and final coats. When you have completed painting the bathtub remove any masking paper and tape immediately to avoid paper sticking to the finish once dry.

While the paint is drying do not apply heat or a fan to speed up the drying time as this actually slows the drying process. Temperature and humidity will be a factor in drying times. You may use your newly refinished bathtub, shower or sinks as soon as the finish is completly dry normally in 24-36 hours.