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Cultured Marble Repair & Refinishing

cultured marble countertop image

Cultured marble vanity tops are very common in new home construction and older homes throughout the country. Bathtubs or Shower wall coverings made of cultured marble can also be found. The countertop or vanity top fixtures are identified as being one solid piece, counter and sink bowl molded as one. Cultured marble gets its name because of its marble appearance.

image cultured marble sink crack

Over the years cracking can appear typically at the drain area as seen in this picture or along the edges of a bathtub. Cultured marble can easily become scratched, abused by abrasive cleansers, sharp objects or can be burned by cigarettes, curling irons or candles. Also the bowls tend to developed moderate to large cracks around the drain area or sometimes staining can be seen on the surface

cultured marble repair kit product image
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If you have one of these cultured marble vanity tops or bathtubs in your bathroom, and it is in need of repair, restoration can be completed in as little as an hour. Professional refinishing companies can complete the repairs or you can use one of our cultured marble repair kits to get the job done.

Some damage such as burns, stains and scratches can be buffed or sanded out with our surface restore kit which includes a durable polymer clear coat to apply after repairs are completed. Other damages like cracks in the sink bowl can be repaired with our cultured marble repair kit and touch up coatings.

When using a professional or our do-it-yourself kits, keep in mind only solid colors are available. The swirls in cultured marble cannot be duplicated. If this is a concern you may want to refinish the entire fixture. In any case, refinishing or repairing your cultured marble is a lot cheaper then replacing it, especially if you have a custom sized bathtub or countertop.

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