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Formica Laminate Corian Cultured Marble Wilson Art And Tile Repairs

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Pro Countertop Repair Kits $22.05

Countertop repair kits for repairing laminate or solid surface kitchen or bathroom countertops. The perfect color match system. Repair damaged Formica, Corian, Wilson Art, cultured marble, ceramic tile and butcher block. Don’t be fooled by any other repair kit. This one repairs it all. Scratches, burns, chips, knife marks, stains and much more. Hundreds of color combinations can be matched. Includes color chart. Any sheen can also be matched including matte, semi-sheen or high gloss countertop surfaces. Get professional countertop refinisher results for a fraction of the cost. Easy to use!

Countertop repair kits include 100 + 220 grit sand paper, 7 colors, pro clear coat, spreader mixing stick, application grade brush, multi color mixing chart and easy to follow step by step instructions.