DIY Spray-On Bathtub Refinishing Paint Kits

For Bathtubs Sinks Showers Do It Yourself Application

DIY Spray On Bathtub Refinishing Paint Kits product image

Small Spray-on Bathtub Refinishing Kit $38.86 Large Kit $55.49

Do-It Yourself bathtub refinishing and resurfacing kits for reglazing bathtubs, shower wall tile, cultured marble sinks and countertops. The only bathtub refinishing kit offered anywhere that comes with a professional refinishing bonding agent included. Comes in small or large kits. Use the small kit for refinishing sinks and touchups while the large kit is used for bathtubs, tiles and countertops. Use on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, steel tubs and shower pans. Spray-on application for excellent appearance and long life of your bathroom or kitchen surfaces. Dries in 24 hours. This product comes in easy to use spray cans, anyone can do it. No Equipment Needed.

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Large Spray-On Kit $55.49

Coverage: 1 Full Standard Size Bathtub, Or 10 Ft Laminate Countertops, 1 Full Bathtub Tiled Surround, 1 Fiberglass Wall Surround, 3 to 5 Foot Shower Stall Pan, 1-Washing Machine Or Dryer. Contains: 1 Can Pro Bond and 3 Cans Hi-Gloss Color Coat. Click Here To Print Directions For Use.

Small Spray On Bathtub Refinishing Kit image

Small Spray-On Kit $38.86

Coverage: 3 Porcelain Or Marble Sinks, Or Up To 5 Feet Of Countertops, 5 Foot Cultured Marble Vanity, 1 Complete Microwave Oven, 1 Range Hood Or Dishwasher and Appliance Touch Up Painting. Contains: 1 Can Pro Bond and 1 Can Hi-Gloss Color Coat. Click Here to Print Directions For use.

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Extra Can Spray-On Paint $19.95 Each

Purchase extra cans of spray-on bathtub refinishing paint for color changes, touchup painting, porous surfaces such as old porcelain fixtures and additional touchups. Extra cans of coating are $19.95 per can if not sure call or email us a member of our staff can help you determine amount of paint needed.

2 Large Kits Are Required For Refinishing A Complete Shower Stall – Bathtub & Tile – Complete Fiberglass Bathtub And Enclosure – Refrigerators Or A Washer & Dryer Set. Each Reglazing Kit Comes With Professional Refinisher Bonding Agent. Print directions for use Requires purchase of preparation supplies including sandpaper, tape and acetone.