Bathtub Refinishing Can Save Apartment Home Owners Money

apartment bathtubThe expenses associated with owning an apartment building or maintaining rental homes in todays economy are always increasing as the price of materials needed to keep them in tip-top shape are on the rise. Property and apartment owners looking for ways to cut maintenance costs after a renter vacates a unit may want to consider alternative bathtub refinishing to keep your bathrooms looking fresh and up to date after turnover.

Cost Savings Versus Replacement

Outdated bathtubs that are dingy, discolored or in disrepair are not very appealing to a renter and replacing that old tub can cost you over $1500 to have a contractor tear out the old one and install a new bathtub. Bathtub refinishing will not only save you time it will save you money. Bathtub refinishing on average costs between $200 and $300 depending on the condition of your bathtub.

You can save even more with a do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kit. Our kits start at $42 per bathtub. With these types of savings you will be able to keep your bathtubs looking brand new after every turnover. If your property has older claw foot type bathtubs you can avoid lead exposure to your renters as bathtub refinishing encapsulates the older porcelain keeping the lead from leaching into the water.

Diy Materials And Training

A refinished bathtub is also easier to clean and doesn’t allow bacteria or germs to hide in the pores. All types of bathtubs can be refinished including porcelain enamel, cultured marble, acrylic and fiberglass tubs. Most professional bathtub refinishing companies offer discounts if you have several rentals needing service.

If you are a property management company looking to refinish bathtubs in-house or own apartment units we offer training manuals and professional grade materials for your maintenance staff. Let us help you retain the renters you currently have while showing you how to repair and maintain a beautiful bathroom in your rentals using our method.

We also offer free prescreened referrals to professional bathtub refinishers in the United States. Give us a call or email our staff for more information.